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Oslo Winter Soundscapes

Experience the serene beauty and crisp atmosphere of a Nordic winter with 'Oslo Winter Soundscapes.' This exquisite sound sample pack is an audio journey through the wintry landscapes of Norway's enchanting capital, capturing the essence of Oslo in its most magical season.


34 wav/bwf files, 60+ minutes, 2.1GB, 96kHz, 24-bit, Royalty-free.

(incl. VAT)


Snow-Covered Streets

Delight in the soft crunch of snow underfoot and the muffled sounds of the city blanketed in white, creating a peaceful, insulated atmosphere unique to Oslo's winters.

Festive Markets

Immerse yourself in the festive cheer with ambient recordings from Oslo's Christmas markets. The warm chatter of locals, the clinking of Gløgg cups, and the soft melodies of holiday music blend to form a heartwarming soundscape.

Urban Winter Nights

Experience the nocturnal side of Oslo with sounds of subdued city life under the starry winter sky, including the distant hum of traffic and the muted conversations of night-time wanderers.

Icy Fjord Breezes

Listen to the gentle whisper of cold winds sweeping across the Oslofjord, bringing with it the distant call of seabirds and the subtle creaking of ice along the shoreline.

Forest Whispers

Escape to the tranquil forests surrounding Oslo, where the sound of snowflakes gently landing on pine branches and the occasional footfall of wildlife provide a soothing, natural retreat.

Ideal For

This collection is perfect for filmmakers, sound designers, and anyone looking to add authentic winter ambience to their projects, or simply to enjoy the unique atmosphere of Oslo in winter.